Restructuring and Perm Works

At Strands Hair & Skin Treatment Inc. our ammonia free perm services and Hair straightening services(restructuring) require an consultation to plan the outcome, booking time required and pricing. Depending on your hair disposition, damage, texture and length we need to make sure that you are aware of potential outcomes and future maintenance needs.
If you are sick of your hair flattening out an hour after curling it with an iron, or just want a bit of more volume a perm may be perfect for you. Give us a call or mail us now to book a consultation.
Still not sure you want or need to restructure your hair? Looking for awesome restructuring examples to kick start your inspiration? Take a look below to get your creative juices flowing.
Body Perm:
This process gives volume to hair. This service is best suited for people with thin flat hair. The curls will end up giving live to dull  hair. Shoulder length or longer hair is perfect for this.
Spot Curl:
These perms focus on curling a very specific section of the hair. This technique is typically used so styles require less day to day maintenance. You can choose to have either loose or tighter curls with this type of perm.
Multi-Textured Perm:
This style of perm is perfect if you do not like an uniform curl around the head. There are sections with looser more open curl and sections with tighter curls or even some straight pieces. This technique is perfect for a long hair style with a lot of hair to work with.
Hair straightening;
The same differences as with the curling services can be done with the straightening techniques. Relaxing a strong curl to a wave, totally straight or combinations of them.