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  • The art of hair drying: Tips for healthier, happier hair

    Did you know that hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet? It needs careful handling to avoid damage, especially when drying. [Add stylist’s name] shows you how you can protect your locks during the drying process to reduce breakage and damage. Gently does it When the hair is wet, and the cuticle is…

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  • Summer-proof your hair

    Summer is the season of sun and fun, but it also poses challenges for maintaining healthy hair. While we slather our skin with SPF galore, our hair often misses out on the TLC it deserves. Don’t worry, Urs shares his sun-savvy tips for summer. Shield your strands As the sun intensifies, so does its impact…

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  • Stressed tresses: How stress affects your hair

    In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress is a constant companion for many of us. Its impact extends beyond our mental and emotional well-being, directly affecting our physical health, including the condition of our hair. As April is Stress Awareness Month we asked Urs to explain how stress affects our hair and scalp, and what we can…

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