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We at STRANDS Welcome  anyone  with  Skin, Scalp and  Hair (Did we leave  Anyone  out?)….

What makes a good salon? At Strands Hair and Skin Treatment Centre we think it’s a question of striking the right balance. Creating a salon environment that’s professional but also friendly; a salon where we listen but also provide expert advice. A place where you know you’ll be pampered but, more important, a salon that’s at the cutting-edge of style.

Hair styling is just a part of what we do at Strands. Caring for your hair, as well as your skin, your nails, your feet — we help you look and feel good from head to toe. Skin care is more then pampering; it is problem solving for all skin types at any age. Balanced, glowing, soft skin looks healthy, attractive and youthful. All services are personalized, customized and performed with the highest ethical standards, quality and integrity. At Strands, sanitation of implements, machines and premises is to the highest Health Canada standards and disposable tools are used whenever possible If you really want to know what Strands is about — come meet owner Urs Eichenberger (the uberstylist), and the other staff. For more than 38 years, STRANDS has brought Vancouver clients the finest and most effective hair shampoos and conditioner products, skin care products and cosmetics

Blow Outs and Styling Works

Blow Outs and Styling Works

We use bio ionic, ceramic and other high and low tech tools, products and techniques to blow dry, iron or wave-finish your style for best effects; achieving shiny, healthy looking hair.

Color Works

We are expert colorist’s We understand and can deal with health issues, hair textures, different products and techniques. From botanical to ionic coloring products, from blond to brown to gorgeous, natural looking redheads or cartoon-like colors, all our products are ammonia free and nano free. From blending away gray to color corrections, we take care to keep your hair as healthy and shiny as it can be

All Color products we use are Ammonia and Nano silver free

Cut Works

All haircuts translate the latest styles to complement your hair texture, face and body shape and lifestyle. All styles include a discussion with the stylist. For first visits to Strands, or if you are planning a big style change, allow extra time for an in-depth consultation.

The Thermocut is also known as wellness cut. This specialized way of cutting the hair gives fine hair more volume, cuts down on “frizzies” on curly hair at any length. The scissors’ cutting blades are heated to seal the ends and prevent premature splitting. The hair grows longer, looks shinier and smoother.

ThermoCut means: The blades of the hairdressing scissors are heated. The hair ends are sealed by the heat, the bodily moisture and care substances are preserved.


When growing from the scalp, the ends of the hair are closed. The hair is elastic and shiny, it has an optimum volume and is protected from detrimental impact.

Split Ends will Disappear

Cutting hair with ThermoCut seals the ends of the hair. The hair is given a closed cutting surface and can no longer become fibrous. If applied regularly, split ends will disappear! This stimulates the self-regeneration of the hair. The images produced by using scanning microscopy show the importance of the heated cutting edge for the haircut.

Ultraviolet radiation, pollution of the air, temperature impact, chemical treatment as well as mechanical stress cause damage to the hair.

The effect of ThermoCut is already visible after the first haircut: The entire structure of the hair is improved! You can see and feel it at once:The hair has more volume more shine more bounce and elasticity The hair is easier to care for. The self-regeneration of the hair is stimulated.


With ThermoCut, all cutting techniques are possible. The ThermoCut System can be individually adjusted to every quality and length of hair, producing an immediate optimum result. Fine hair will be given more volume Split hair will become healthy and more resistant Permed hair will be given more elasticity Dull, brittle hair will be regenerated Every type of hair will be easier to style


Could burning split ends be better than a haircut?

The treatment involves twisting small sections of the hair until split ends stick out and then burning them off with a burning candle. This cauterizes the ends for a sleek, glossy look. This treatment works especially well with long hair. YOU DO NOT LOOS ANY LENGTH. Super models use this trick, new and hot out of Brazil, to keep their long hair healthy and glossy.

While candle cutting seems to be a hot new trend it actually has been around for quite a while. Urs learned it in the sixties at a time when everybody had long hair and cutting was frowned upon. He revived the practice and candle cutting is now available at Strands.

For the perfect look the hair gets candle cut, deep conditioned and the bottom ends cauterized with scissors with a hot blade and blow dried smooth. Urs recommends repeating this every 6 to 8 weeks.

Restructuring and Perm Works

At Strands Hair & Skin Treatment Inc. our ammonia free perm services and Hair straightening services(restructuring) require an consultation to plan the outcome, booking time required and pricing. Depending on your hair disposition, damage, texture and length we need to make sure that you are aware of potential outcomes and future maintenance needs.
If you are sick of your hair flattening out an hour after curling it with an iron, or just want a bit of more volume a perm may be perfect for you. Give us a call or mail us now to book a consultation.
Still not sure you want or need to restructure your hair? Looking for awesome restructuring examples to kick start your inspiration? Take a look below to get your creative juices flowing.
Body Perm:
This process gives volume to hair. This service is best suited for people with thin flat hair. The curls will end up giving live to dull  hair. Shoulder length or longer hair is perfect for this.
Spot Curl:
These perms focus on curling a very specific section of the hair. This technique is typically used so styles require less day to day maintenance. You can choose to have either loose or tighter curls with this type of perm.
Multi-Textured Perm:
This style of perm is perfect if you do not like an uniform curl around the head. There are sections with looser more open curl and sections with tighter curls or even some straight pieces. This technique is perfect for a long hair style with a lot of hair to work with.
Hair straightening;
The same differences as with the curling services can be done with the straightening techniques. Relaxing a strong curl to a wave, totally straight or combinations of them.

Restructuring and Perm Works

Smoothing Works

Smoothing Works

Hair Smoothing Treatments

STRANDS LIQUID HAIR This high-tech treatment crosses the gap between smoothing and straightening treatments. The product enters deeper into the keratin cortex using nanotechnology for a structural strengthening of the protein network, inside the hair shaft. The result is smoother, shinier, healthier looking hair. No downtime

STRANDS LIQUID HAIR FOR BLONDE COLOURS Healthy smoothing for blonde or colour-treated hair with little or no discoloration is a small revolution. By reinforcing the hair structure while protecting the hair colour, this new technology forms a double inside and outside of the hair shaft, thereby reinforcing and smoothing the hair. No downtime.

KERASILK CONTROL Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment is safe for even the most sensitive scalp. Formaldehyde-free Kerashape technology uses glyoxylic acid and smoothing ingredients such as keratin and silk proteins to create new keratin bonds. It helps to soften curls and waves and smooth the overall structure of the hair and reduces daily styling time significantly. Product is washed out of the hair and hair ties and pins can be used. Results typically last 4 to 5 months depending on hair type. KERASILK CONTROL homecare products are highly recommended as they are formulated to support the treatment.

LIQUID KERATIN PROFESSIONAL RESTORATIVE SMOOTHING This treatment is a customizable salon system. This exclusive system has been formulated to smooth hair, add shine, strength and luster, while allowing retention of as much or as little of the curl texture as desired. Because of its ability to penetrate the hair, LIQUID KERATIN professional restorative smoothing treatment repairs damage caused by other chemical processes. This formula is formaldehyde, aldehyde, thio, sodium hydroxyl, guanidine and urea FREE. Product can be left in for up to 48 hours. Results typically last 10 to 16 weeks. LIQUID KERATIN homecare products are highly recommended. Sodium chloride will diminish the effects of this treatment.

LIQUID KERATIN COLD TREATMENT The cold treatment retains 100% of the curly hair texture. It will defrizz, define add on shine and make the hair more manageable. Results will last for 2 to 4 weeks. No hot iron required, therefore it works on damaged hair. This treatment is low commitment if you would like to find out if kertain treatments are for you or not.

INCA-GLOW NATURAL AMINO SMOOTHING TREATMENT Inca-Glow is a professional smoothing treatment, a first of its kind. Formulated with all natural, organic ingredients, Inca Glow contains eleven amino acids and ZERO harsh chemicals. Inca glow has no offensive odour and is safe for use on all hair types. Inca Glow’s amino acid complex allows the treatment to provide a long-lasting anti-frizz effect while smoothing and adding shine without drying or damaging the hair. Inca Glow is gentle, no burning eyes and absolutely no health risks. Lasts between 12 to 16 weeks depending on life style and maintenance. Inca Glow homecare products are highly recommended.

THE GLOW-OUT The Glow-Out is an express conditioning shine treatment used in conjunction with a blow dry. Smooth, shiny hair for about 3 weeks depending on life style and homecare – perfect to try out the INCA GLOW treatment or for a special occasion.

CHI ENVIRO This American smoothing treatment is a revolutionary, formaldehyde-free and safe treatment. The treatment infuses a unique formula of amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl into the hair’s cuticle. This process eliminates up to 95% of frizz, reduces curl, dramatically improves the condition, shine and smoothness of even the most unruly hair. Product must remain in the hair for 48 hours before first shampoo. Hair ties and pins may leave a mark. Results typically last up to 4 months depending on hair type. CHI ENVIRO homecare products are highly recommended. Products containing sulfates may remove this treatment.

The difference between a smoothing treatment and a straightening hair treatment is the products used. Straightening treatments imply a chemical alteration of the hair cuticle that straightens out curls and kinks in the hair. A smoothing treatment does not alter the hair cuticle, It softens the curl and controls frizz. All our smoothing treatments are formaldehyde-free. They last between 8 to 20 weeks for the full treatments; 4 to 8 weeks for the shorter, weaker treatments, depending on brand, your hair structure, how often you wash your hair, how much you perspire and product use. Chemicals in swimming pools or saltwater can weaken the treatment


A revolution in semi-permanent waves .This is for you if: You love the look of a beach wave, but don’t like to use a hot tool on your hair all the time. You love some movement in your hair, but any wave you put in disappear after a couple of hours.You do not want to commit to a permanent wave that needs to be redone because of a regrowth line.You like to air dry your hair and don’t want to cause severe damage to your hair. Benefits:

Smooth conditioned hair; style support to make it easier to style your hair at home; your style can be air dried; the waves wash out of the hair over a 3-month period; low to no damage to the hair; less time to style your hair; reasonably- priced homecare product specifically designed for your new look is on our shelf in the salon.Free your hair, look like you spent spring break on the beach, tousled and fun, a new and exciting look for you.

Common to all treatments are the following: the treatments wash out of your hair over time; this means the more often you wash your hair the faster the treatment fades. Some ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and other products may remove the treatment. A slight discoloration of the hair colour is possible. Time needed for the treatment depends on the type and the results expected, and on the length and volume of the hair. DO NOT USE ANY CLARIFYING OR BUILD UP REMOVING PRODUCTS! Clarifying shampoos or build up removers or any products containing laurel sulphates can remove the treatment or/and shorten its life span.

DO NOT USE ANY CLARIFYING OR BUILD UP REMOVING PRODUCTS! Clarifying shampoos or build up removers or any products containing laurel sulphates can remove the treatment or/and shorten its life span.

Treatment Works


For  Women and Men to experience beauty at its best. Our expert staff is at your service to perform a Hair and scalp analysis, and prescribe customized products and treatments to suit your every need.

Treatment Works

Scalp And Hair Analyzing Scope

Scalp and Hair Analyzing Scope

Strands now has a Scalp and Hair Analyzing Scope. The reasons you may want to take advantage of this service are manifold.
If you have noticed some changes in the way your hair behaves and styles, you are losing more hair then what is normal for you or your scalp is itchy or red or scaly.
A session with an experienced stylist will assess what is happening and devise a plan to improve many of the conditions independent of any product brands. Whether in-salon treatments, homecare products, a combination of the two or if a doctor’s visit is required, he or she will be able to point you in the right direction.
Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, as the more honest you are the better the outcome.
We will be able to determine:

  • red patches
  • scaly sections
  • itchy patches
  • dandruff (wet and dry)
  • hair loss
  • cuticle status
  • hair strength
  • porosity
  • hair density

The Analyzing Scope can give you clearer idea on what is happening on a microscopic level. An experienced stylist is able to help you understand what the scope is showing you.