Esthetics Works

Skin care is more then pampering; it is problem solving for all skin types at any age. Balanced, glowing, soft skin looks healthy, attractive and youthful.
All services are personalized, customized and performed with the highest ethical standards, quality and integrity.
At Strands, sanitation of implements, machines and premises is to the highest Health Canada standards and disposable tools are used whenever possible.

Eye Works

Eyebrow sculpting (shape and trim, tweezed
Eyebrow tint Eyelash tint (tar free botanical colour)
Eyezone lifting (instant diminishing of fine lines)
Thalasso mask (makes your eyes shine) Fire and Ice massage (tightens and brightens) Orbicularis oculi muscle massage

Facial Works

Back to basics is the mantra for Strands Signature services provided using products specifically developed for our company. ZATOZA provides our cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masks. EA are the high quality genuine essential oils that are used to infuse scent, relaxation and pleasure. The earth gives as the clay for masks used in the cabin treatments.
Easy, simple, cost-effective homecare products take the mystery out of your daily skincare as we’ll provide a routine to beautiful skin that’s easy to follow.
THE FACIAL Women, Men, Teens Designed to clean, purify and revitalize the skin. Customized and adapted to your specific skin type and lifestyle. Extractions and massage is included if the skin condition permits.
MEN OVERBOARD Specifically targeted for men to achieve the character of healthy, active skin. Irritations due to shaving and circulation are targeted. A clean, energetic appearance is the reward.
THE FLIPSIDE Women, Men, Teens A deep-cleansing treatment for the back. Removes the build up of dead skin cells, oils and debris. Cleanses clogged pores and blackheads, increases circulation and helps your skin to function optimally Beautiful, Radiant, Healthy skin is vital.
LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris combines natural energies with the latest in cosmetic and biotechnological research to help you sustain beautiful, healthy skin. The products used in the treatments and for homecare are versatile and highly hypoallergenic and subject to continual testing according to precise dermatological criteria at a leading university clinic in Germany.
Skin diagnosis, consultation and Identitest.
GLOW An intense, targeted, deep-cleansing removal of blemishes and blackheads and treatment of inflammations. Clean, clear, calm skin is the result. FACE DÉCOLLETÉ SCHOULDERS & NECK
CLEAR THE MOUNTAINS A special treatment for problem skin and adult acne. Your sensitive skin will be soothed and relaxed and you’ll notice the inflammation dissipate as your skin becomes clearer without becoming dry.
GASTOWN ELIXIR Revitalizing or calming face treatments ideal to stimulate or relax your skin’s natural functions. You will notice softness; a normalized complexion and your skin will be much smoother with diminished redness. Dry skin much smoother with diminished redness. Oily skin diminished appearance of pores, softness, and matte glow without dryness. Sensitive skin diminished redness and instant improvement. Demanding skin diminished signs of aging, healthy glow. ENLARGED PORES This treatment achieves a visible refinement of your complexion. The appearance of your skin is flawless and radiant.
CITY ESSENTIALS Designed to perfect and improve all complexions with a personalized method to make your skin look and feel brighter, supple and glowing. Arrest and slow the effects of time with Anti-Age treatments designed to firm, diminish lines and smooth your skin. A youthful appearance with bright, glowing skin can be yours. SOFT SKIN THERAPY A deep-softening treatment that removes rough skin and uneven texture. Your skin will look and feel softer and brighter. SEAWATER MOISTURE TREATMENT This biological, two-phase preparation with active ingredients from the sea naturally stimulates the skin to normalize moisture levels. The skin becomes fresh and clear and is given new resilience and elasticity.
THALASSO These unique treatments are the perfect holiday for tired and exhausted skin. A “clear sea breeze” makes the face glow. SPECIAL TREATMENTS AND MASSAGES Face massages can be performed on their own or integrated into the appropriate treatments.
SILKSTONE FIRE AND ICE This soft, warm or cool silkstone massage tightens and revitalizes the skin. Very relaxing.
ANGEL’S TOUCH Soothing relaxation massage performed with fan brushes. A great massage for even the most sensitive skin.
SILKSTONE / ANGEL’S TOUCH A special, gentle relaxation treatment with emphasis on massage.
ICE MASSAGE One of the oldest and most successful ways to help products penetrate and firm your skin’s texture is with ice. The “boule freezer” activates the skin’s microcirculation, the skin is detoxified and simultaneously absorbs the intense active ingredients in the product without “burning” the skin.
NATURAL COSMETIC Beauty treatment with the natural, green cosmetic line

Foot and Leg Works

Signature pedicure (exfoliation, soak, callus buffing, cuticle care, nail shaping massage, nail polish application)
Sports pedicure (no polish) Wellness pedicure (exfoliation, soak, compress, massage)
Cold Blast (warming treatment for cold feet)
Feet on Fire (cooling treatment for hot feet) Revive (treatment for tired feet)
Foot compress (designed for your needs)
Foot massage Leg massage

Foot and Leg Works

Make up Works

Professional Make Up / Make Over and Consultation