In 1984 a dream became reality. A place where anybody in need or want of expert hair and skincare feels welcome and comfortable. Much planning, discussion and luck was needed to establish a relaxed, un-intimidating and fun atmosphere. The beginning was a small suite in a heritage building in the historic district of Vancouver. The location proved to be a perfect fit for years of innovation to come.

The introduction of the Imaging computer system made it necessary to expand, and with luck the suite next door became available. Today Strands still occupies the same space with changes and updates to the interior always in the air.

In the 1980, the need to complement the international product lines that Strands carries, gave birth to the first hair care line developed exclusively to Strands. Simple, basic, easy to use and effective products became a Strands mantra. Ever expanding and evolving, the hair care lines have been joined by skin care, body care, aroma (essential oil) and cosmetic products exclusive to Strands.

Around the same time a developing sensitivity to ammonia containing products put the existence of Strands in jeopardy. However research and luck intervened and from here on in Strands started operating as one of the first ammonia free salons anywhere. Ever evolving and changing the Strands dream has lost nothing of its intrigue, excitement and fun