Cut Works


All haircuts translate the latest styles to complement your hair texture, face and body shape and lifestyle. All styles include a discussion with the stylist. For first visits to Strands, or if you are planning a big style change, allow extra time for an in-depth consultation.

The Thermocut

is also known as wellness cut. This specialized way of cutting the hair gives fine hair more volume, cuts down on “frizzies” on curly hair at any length. The scissors’ cutting blades are heated to seal the ends and prevent premature splitting. The hair grows longer, looks shinier and smoother.

ThermoCut means: The blades of the hairdressing scissors are heated. The hair ends are sealed by the heat, the bodily moisture and care substances are preserved.

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair



When growing from the scalp, the ends of the hair are closed. The hair is elastic and shiny, it has an optimum volume and is protected from detrimental impact.

Split Ends will Disappear

Cutting hair with ThermoCut seals the ends of the hair. The hair is given a closed cutting surface and can no longer become fibrous. If applied regularly, split ends will disappear! This stimulates the self-regeneration of the hair. The images produced by using scanning microscopy show the importance of the heated cutting edge for the haircut.






Damaged Hair

Ultraviolet radiation, pollution of the air, temperature impact, chemical treatment as well as mechanical stress cause damage to the hair.

Immediate Effect: More Beautiful Hair

The effect of ThermoCut  is already visible after the first haircut: The entire structure of the hair is improved! You can see and feel it at once:The hair has more volume more shine more bounce and elasticity The hair is easier to care for. The self-regeneration of the hair is stimulated.

Unsealed Hair

Unsealed Hair

An Effective Sealing for Every Type of Hair

With ThermoCut, all cutting techniques are possible. The ThermoCut System can be individually adjusted to every quality and length of hair, producing an immediate optimum result. Fine hair will be given more volume Split hair will become healthy and more resistant Permed hair will be given more elasticity Dull, brittle hair will be regenerated Every type of hair will be easier to style



Could burning split ends be better than a haircut?

The treatment involves twisting small sections of the hair until split ends stick out and then burning them off with a burning candle. This cauterizes the ends for a sleek, glossy look. This treatment works especially well with long hair. YOU DO NOT LOOS ANY LENGTH. Super models use this trick, new and hot out of Brazil, to keep their long hair healthy and glossy.

While candle cutting seems to be a hot new trend it actually has been around for quite a while. Urs learned it in the sixties at a time when everybody had long hair and cutting was frowned upon. He revived the practice and candle cutting is now available at Strands.

For the perfect look the hair gets candle cut, deep conditioned and the bottom ends cauterized with scissors with a hot blade and blow dried smooth. Urs recommends repeating this every 6 to 8 weeks.