STRANDS Lice & Nit Comb

STRANDS Lice & Nit Comb



Easily removes head lice and nits/eggs.


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Lice and Nit Comb – Assorted Colors

16 cm

The STRANDS Lice and Nit Comb is used to remove head lice and their eggs (nits) from the hairline. Easily removes head lice and nits/eggs. A double row of teeth with coarse and fine teeth achieves a double effect when combing. The coarse row in front glides through the hair and removes the large lice and nits, while the fine row ensures that the smaller lice and nits are also caught.


  • Double row of comb teeth for improved efficiency
  • Course row removes larger lice
  • Fine row removes smaller lice and eggs
  • Can be used regularly to check hair for lice and nits



For a regular check: comb freshly washed, still damp and well-brushed hair carefully with the lice and nits comb, paying special attention to the hairline behind the ears and in the neck area. Pay attention to whether lice and nits are visible on the comb.


To remove lice and nits: Divide damp and well-combed hair into several sections. Now work the hair systematically with the lice and nits comb. To do this, take a small strand of hair between your fingers and run the comb through it several times from the root of the hair to the ends. If lice and nits get stuck in the comb, remove them with paper towel or rinse with clean, hot, soapy water.




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