SCALPMASTER Shampoo Scalp Brush

SCALPMASTER Shampoo Scalp Brush



Soft bristle scalp brush helps to stimulate, massage and cleanse the scalp of buildup. 


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Shampoo Scalp Brush

7.5 cm

This soft bristle scalp brush helps to stimulate, massage and cleanse the scalp of buildup.  A perfect compliment to use with Amazing Hair Savior or to aid in shampooing.


  • Stimulates scalp
  • Encourages circulation & hair growth
  • Easy to hold
  • Soft bristles
  • For use with shampoo or scalp treatments



Directions: Place finger in slot to hold. Apply shampoo on the scalp first then use it to help shampoo the scalp. Apply your scalp treatment first then use scalp brush to work in the product in short circular motions as to not tangle or pull on the hair. Be gentle and cautious if you are currently going though active hair fall.



Maintenance:  A regular maintenance of your hair brush is essential for the health of your hair and the hygiene of your scalp. After each use, remove the hair entangled in the bristles of the brush with a comb or another brush. Once a month, soak the bristles in tepid water with a dash of shampoo and rub them gently. Rinse them thoroughly and let your brush dry naturally, away from any heat source and bristles downwards.



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