PHYTO5 Ageless Extreme Hydrating Cream

PHYTO5 Ageless Extreme Hydrating Cream



Formulated to provide extreme hydration & protection in the way that skin needs it most. Clinically proven to deliver a 50% increase moisture improvement in a few hours.  


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PHYTO5 – AGELESS LA CURE – Anti Aging Holistic Organic Swiss Skincare


Ageless Extreme [Hydrating] Cream

50ml / 1.7 fl oz


Rated by the Swiss Skin Test Institute an “Excellent Moisturizer,” their highest score, Extreme Cream is formulated to provide extreme hydration and protection in the way that skin needs it most. It’s clinically proven to deliver a 50% increase moisture improvement in a few hours and up to 60% in two weeks.

Perfect for very dry and extreme weather, as well as aging skin in need of constant hydration, Extreme Hydrating Cream is a potent blend of sunflower oil, arctic lingonberry seed oil, and Aquaxyl®, alongside a thoughtful combination of essential oils that work together to leave skin hydrated, deeply nourished, and rejuvenated in as little as six hours.



  • Received highest rating from the Swiss Skin Test Institute as an Excellent Moisturizer
  • Extreme Hydration & Protection
  • Clinically proven to increase moisture by 50% in a few hours & up to 60% in two weeks
  • Perfect for very dry & extreme weather
  • Excellent for aging skin that is in need of constant hydration
  • Made with high tech natural compound and super hydrator/hydration retention balancer Aquaxyl®
  • Organic jojoba and sunflower seed oils, aloe vera, extracts of oat and vanilla, and essential oils of arctic lingonberry seed, ginger and sweet orange.



How Does Aquaxyl® Work?

Aquaxyl® is a combination of molecules extracted from wheat, this ingredient is founded on a hydrating concept promoting the skin’s own hydrous flow. This high tech natural compound composed of Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, and Xylitol, all three of which are natural sugars found in fruits, vegetables and plant-life and is gluten-free.

      • Xylitylglucoside is a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from the sugars located in wheat. The compound aids the body by moistening and redistributing skin cells by enhancing a person’s skin’s dermal water reservoirs along with their skin barrier ability. Xylitylglucoside’s naturally occurring sugar composite aids in encouraging the body to generate Hyaluronic acid within their skin.
      • Anhydroxylitol is a natural sugar and humectant that aids other ingredients in the skincare formulation in skin absorption. It gathers and encases water molecules to stimulate Hyaluronic acid for anti-aging effect.
      • Xylitol is a polyalcohol or sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables and extracted from corn or birch wood. It soothes and moisturizes by pulling water to the cell surface. The word xylitol comes from the Greek roots xylo- which means “wood” and “–itol” signifying sugar alcohols.

Aquaxyl® deeply hydrates to increase water reserves in the skin. It has been proven by corneometry analysis that Aquaxyl® improves epidermal water content and stimulates the synthesis of GlycosAminoGlycans (GAG) that are responsible for trapping water within the skin. This action delivers an immediate and long-term moisturizing effect. Aquaxyl® also forms a protective film on the skin which prevents water from evaporating. In vivo clinical studies have shown that Aquaxyl® increases the synthesis of ceramides, the major constituent of the skin’s protective barrier. It has also been demonstrated that Aquaxyl® decreases trans-epidermal water loss. It makes the skin stronger and more resistant to harm from external influences.

The result of Aquaxyl® is that desquamation is normalized and the micro-relief of the skin is smoothed. This potent ingredient exhibits proven efficacy in hydrating and restructuring skin cells. The skin is better equipped to fight external aggressions when it is well and powerfully restructured and moisturized. The natural plant compound Aquaxyl® offers a three-dimensional hydration concept:

        1. Optimization of water circulation through all layers of the skin
        2. Establishment of a water-retaining barrier in the skin within 24 hours
        3. Smoothing away of fines lines for softer, properly desquamated skin in 28 days.

By establishing a greater reserve of moisture in the skin while also impeding loss of moisture, the cutaneous barrier is reinforced and the skin smoothed, hydrated and restructured.


Unique Ingredients:

  • Aquaxyl®: Deeply hydrates to increase water reserves in the skin making the skin stronger and more resistant to harm from external influences. Aquaxyl® forms a protective film to prevent water evaporation from skin and increases ceramide synthesis thus decreasing trans-epidermal water loss. Improves epidermal water content and stimulates the synthesis of GlycosAminoGlycans (GAG) responsible for trapping water within the skin for an immediate long-term moisturizing effect.
  • Red Alfa Lingonberry Seed Essential Oil: A berry from the Arctic region; extremely rich in omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 (for moisturizing and anti-age action) and in tocotrienols (antioxidants more powerful than vitamin E); these ingredients are essential to lingonberry in order for it to survive in temperatures as low as minus 50°C; also contains plant sterols that reduce skin sensitivity; anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties
  • Ginger Essential Oil: promotes circulation necessary for clear complexion and a youthful, radiant, glowing countenance.
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil: calming, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory
  • Organic Jojoba Oil: moisturizing with a non-greasy touch; because of its unsaponifiable components (precious components found in some oils with softening, revitalizing and moisturizing properties), it spreads easily; easily penetrates epidermis leaving no film, mainly because its characteristics are very close to those of the skin’s natural sebum; antioxidant/anti-age; revitalizes and nourishes skin and hair
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil: high-grade; very rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (more than 85%) and vitamins E and F; well known for its nourishing, soothing and revitalizing properties; penetrates easily since its composition is very similar to the body’s natural sebum
  • Organic Aloe Vera: The resin from this succulent plant acts directly on the skin’s collagen fibers, fostering and revitalizing elasticity. It contains complex polysaccharides that encourage water retention and which also offer excellent moisturizing properties. Aloe vera is used in the treatment of dermatitis because it soothes the pain and heals infections.
  • Organic Oat Extract: anti-inflammatory, emollient, calming; often used in the treatment of dry skin, sunburn and eczema.
  • Organic Vanilla Extract: nervous system stimulant, indicated for cases of depression or melancholy and for cases of muscle strain; recommended for rheumatism


Due to the presence of potent natural essential oils, all products have the following warning: “Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.”





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