MARILYN BRUSH Tuxedo Pro Round Brush 6cm-


MARILYN BRUSH Tuxedo Pro Round Brush 6cm-



Double barrel round brush with high-heat resistant coating and natural reinforced boar bristles add shine and polish to your hair, achieved in the first stroke.


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TUXEDO PRO – Round Brush

6 cm / 2.5 inch


Designed to create volume, this round brush is perfect for fine to medium hair. With a combination of short and long bristles, it lifts even the finest hair with ease. The unique double barrel’s high-heat resistant coating closes the cuticle to avoid frizz and create the perfect style. The natural boar bristles add shine and polish – achieved with the first stroke. 


  • Durable barrel with high-heat resistant coating
  • Foam handle grip
  • Natural reinforced boar bristles add shine & polish
  • Closes hair cuticle to avoid frizz
  • Hourglass shape creates volume & body
  • Endorsed by platform artists worldwide




Maintenance: A regular maintenance of your hair brush is essential for the health of your hair and the hygiene of your scalp. After each use, remove the hair entangled in the bristles of the brush with a comb or another brush. Once a month, soak the bristles in tepid water with a dash of shampoo and rub them gently. Rinse them thoroughly and let your brush dry naturally, away from any heat source and bristles downwards.





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