LA BIOSTHETIQUE Glam Color Advanced .11 Toner Steel Gray

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LA BIOSTHETIQUE Glam Color Advanced .11 Toner Steel Gray



Demi-permanent colour with anti-yellow effect for natural hair that has turned grey.


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Glam Color Advanced .11 Toner Steel Gray

200 ml / 6.7 fl oz

Proudly wearing grey hair is a conscious decision and a statement that is becoming increasingly popular. It radiates confident composure and a natural elegance, particularly when the grey shade looks radiantly fresh and naturally enhanced thanks to Glam Color Toner .11 Steel Gray.

Glam Color Toner is a unique hair tint for men and women to enhance naturally grey hair. Depending on the processing time, the toner neutralizes a yellow tinge that can occur due to environmental influences or provides an attractive and more youthful look with a natural, darker shade.

The hair’s structure is not changed when you tint it as Steel Gray Toner doesn’t contain any alkalizers. The pigments evenly wash out without visible roots until the hair’s original state is restored.

The result: Naturally grey — but more beautiful.



Key Ingredients:

  • Graphite Silver Pigments: Neutralize the yellow tinge and conceal grey hair
  • Glycine: Conditions and strengthens the hair structure



Directions: Place an old towel around your shoulders to protect from colour stains. Wash your hair and towel dry. Generously apply Glam Color Toner using gloves so that the hair is completely covered. Pay attention to even distribution. If needed, comb through with a plastic comb. Rinse the gloves with water so you can use them again after the processing time when you wash out the toner. Depending on the intensity of the desired reflex, leave in for 2 – 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear and wash out with a suitable shampoo.


Processing Times: 

  • Neutralise Yellow: Process for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Conceal Gray hair: Process for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Steel Gray tint (temporary hair colour): Process up to 20 minutes.





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