LA BIOSTHETIQUE Curl Activating Conditioning Spray

LA BIOSTHETIQUE Curl Activating Conditioning Spray



Bounce-activating, hair conditioning spray. Suitable for all curly styles & ideal for finger styling, air drying, or drying with a diffuser.


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Curl Activating Conditioning Spray

200 ml / 6.7 fl oz

Even the liveliest of curls sometimes lack energy. The capable curl booster spray is a rapid and lasting remedy. As soon as you spray it into the hair, the light as a feather lotion gets to work. The special elastic Bounce Back Polymer gently and weightlessly coats the hair, and transforms it into dynamic and long-lasting curls. Every single curl finds its maximum strength, and bounces back into perfect shape from every movement. In addition, Curl Activating Conditioning Spray binds a high level of moisture inside the hair structure, which keeps undesirable fizziness at bay and provides vital shine. Tired structures turn into expressively bunched curls that feature fascinating bounce and liveliness.


Key Ingredients:

  • Bounce Back Polymer: Increases the springiness, shapeability and durability of curls.
  • Natural Moisturising Factor: Supplies moisture, protects against dehydration and gives the hair shine and elasticity
  • Wheat Protein: Strengthens the hair deep down and improves structure
  • UV Filters: Protect against damaging environmental influences and renewed structural damage



Directions: After washing, spray evenly into damp hair. Leave-in product. Curl Activating Conditioning Spray is suitable for all curly styles, and is ideal for finger styling, air-drying or drying with a diffuser.





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