FI WILHELMINA Boar and Nylon Hair Brush – Small


FI WILHELMINA Boar and Nylon Hair Brush – Small



Superior quality natural boar bristle and nylon mix brush. 


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Boar & Nylon Hair Brush – Small

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Boar bristle and nylon combination polishes and maintains healthy hair. Naturally uneven bristle tufts penetrate easily through the hair, allowing for longer, fuller brush strokes. The Wilhelmina uses the root from natural boar bristles, which gives better bristle stiffness and superior quality. Soft and flexible rubber cushion pad adjusts to head shape for better distribution of natural hair oils while being gentle on the scalp. Individual cross cut nylon bristles penetrate the hair and lift oil accumulation away from scalp. Using a natural hair product like boar bristle will never damage human hair. Using hair bristles on your hair is beneficial and encourages natural, healthy shine


  • Polishes & maintains healthy hair
  • Naturally uneven bristles allow for longer & fuller brush strokes
  • Soft & flexible rubber cushion pad adjusts to head shape
  • Superior quality natural root boar bristles won’t damage hair
  • Individual cross-cut nylon bristles lift oil accumulation away from scalp
  • Natural shine


Maintenance:  A regular maintenance of your hair brush is essential for the health of your hair and the hygiene of your scalp. After each use, remove the hair entangled in the bristles of the brush with a comb or another brush. Once a month, soak the bristles in tepid water with a dash of shampoo and rub them gently. Rinse them thoroughly and let your brush dry naturally, away from any heat source and bristles downwards.



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