ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Pure Bristle Hair Brush

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Pure Bristle Hair Brush



All natural and handcrafted in France, this brush if perfect for all hair types. Smooths & detangles hair providing a natural shine.


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Pure Bristle Hair Brush

3cm / 1.5 inch

Since its very beginning, Maison Alexandre de Paris has been crafting hair accessories for the everyday life, with an outstanding quality. Brushes & combs are mandatory complements to our hair accessories. The Pure Bristle hair brush is thoroughly made in France, in one of the last workshops handcrafting brushes, since 1875. Its handle is made from wood set with pure first-cut boar bristles.


  • Handcrafted in France
  • Smooths & detangles
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Suitable for all hair types



Bristles: Pure Boar

Handle: Wood



Maintenance: A regular maintenance of your hair brush is essential for the health of your hair and the hygiene of your scalp. After each use, remove the hair entangled in the bristles of the brush with a comb or another brush. Once a month, soak the bristles in tepid water with a dash of shampoo and rub them gently. Rinse them thoroughly and let your brush dry naturally, away from any heat source and bristles downwards. Do not completely submerge wooden brushes in water. Limit soaking time as water may damage the wooden handle over time.


Made in France



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