Hair Works

We at STRANDS Welcome anyone with Skin, Scalp and Hair (Did we leave Anyone out?)….

What makes a good salon? At Strands Hair and Skin Treatment Centre we think it’s a question of striking the right balance. Creating a salon environment that’s professional but also friendly; a salon where we listen but also provide expert advice. A place where you know you’ll be pampered but, more important, a salon that’s at the cutting-edge of style.

Hair styling is just a part of what we do at Strands. Caring for your hair, as well as your skin, your nails, your feet — we help you look and feel good from head to toe. Skin care is more then pampering; it is problem solving for all skin types at any age. Balanced, glowing, soft skin looks healthy, attractive and youthful. All services are personalized, customized and performed with the highest ethical standards, quality and integrity. At Strands, sanitation of implements, machines and premises is to the highest Health Canada standards and disposable tools are used whenever possible If you really want to know what Strands is about — come meet owner Urs Eichenberger (the uberstylist), and the other staff. For more than 30 years, STRANDS has brought Vancouver clients the finest and most effective hair shampoos and conditioner products, skin care products and cosmetics.