Could burning split ends be better than a haircut?

The treatment involves twisting small sections of the hair until split ends stick out and then burning them off with a burning candle. This cauterizes the ends for a sleek, glossy look. This treatment works especially well with long hair. YOU DO NOT LOOS ANY LENGTH. Super models use this trick, new and hot out of Brazil, to keep their long hair healthy and glossy.

While candle cutting seems to be a hot new trend it actually has been around for quite a while. Urs learned it in the sixties at a time when everybody had long hair and cutting was frowned upon. He revived the practice and candle cutting is now available at Strands.

For the perfect look the hair gets candle cut, deep conditioned and the bottom ends cauterized with scissors with a hot blade and blow dried smooth. Urs recommends repeating this every 6 to 8 weeks.