The financial and environmental rewards of a personal consultation

> The benefits of a personal consultation are many fold. One of them is the one-on-one time you get with a knowledgeable and educated professional in their field of expertise.
> In the case of hair and scalp, a stylist with years of experience will sit down with you, analyze your scalp and hair, address your concerns, experiences, wishes, health and medications and in conjunction with the experience of the stylist make it possible to design a program uniquely your own.

> The care is ongoing and is tweaked and changed as needed. Keep in mind your body is dynamic and changes with health, age and outside influences. This is why products ordered online, advertised, recommended by a friend or co-worker, often don’t work for you.

> The savings in money and environmental impact are noticeable. No products to discard (down the drain or otherwise), no shipping single-product packaging around the world, delivered by a truck.

> All products are from a reputable source that can be traced back to the manufacturer and are therefore authentic. A win-win situation as you are also supporting local small business.
> We offer the following:
> Hair and scalp consultation in conjunction with an analysis of the products you are currently using.
> Skin care consultation and analysis in conjunction with an analysis of the products you are currently using.
> Makeup consultation, including new seasonal trends and an assessment of the products you are currently using.
> Appropriate product recommendations are given, but no purchase is required.
> Now – before a seasonal change – is the best time to access your situation.