Designed for the professional stylist this dryer has the potential to change your life. If you are having problems to hold a heavy blow dryer , or you have a lot of hair and your wrists tier before your hair is dry, this is for you. The weight of a smart phone in a case or about 294 g, Ultra-Light & Perfectly Balanced The dryer is the lightest in the world at a weight of only 294  grams versus the Dyson at 560 grams. You no longer have to dread the exhaustion of blow drying your hair. more powerful then a conventional dryer (200 Watt), temperature and speed lock, 3 speeds, 5 temperatures, only 78db of noise. self cleaning, Supplied with Oxy Active technology, it acts as a powerful antibacterial, sealing hair cuticles for longer color durability is now available ON WEB-STORE or call 604.681.3341 to ensure you get yours for Christmas.
Note: only a limited amount of them are available and they are on a first come first serve system.