Urs, I love my hair again – it’s finally so much healthier after coming to you! Urs knows hair!!! He also uses ammonia FREE, enviromentally-safe products. The trials and tribulations of grooming curly hair
Without the wherewithal of learning to control my hair, I have been playing Russian roulette with my locks for almost a decade. Having had my hair texturized in Tokyo, thinned in Vancouver, badly layered at several salons from California to Boston, as well as coloured and highlighted around the world, it is no wonder I have any hair left. Thanks to Urs at Strands, the crazy game is over. Like a mad scientist, Urs mixes potions and puts together homecare treatments; his old school yet contemporary methods and hairstyling paraphernalia are guaranteed to leave any lucky client feeling that s/he will see another sunrise.

Analogies aside, I look forward to my monthly visits to Strands. Urs and Erika are sweet, lovely and genuine people. Their wealth of knowledge and experience with all hair types, product lines and innovative techniques is second to none. One of Urs’ tricks is Candle Hair Cutting Flame Cutting Velaterapia – it takes time and patience but so worth it. No more split ends from the ‘crown to sole’ of each hair follicle.

Nila Vancouver BC

Urs does magic with my hair! I don’t have a clue sometimes what I want or feel not so great about how I want my hair to look like and he always gets it right! It’s like he has an image of a look and creates it but makes me look dynamite! I get tons of compliments from people on my cut, my colour- it’s done right all the time! And I can’t forget Erika’s head massages-wow! Puts you to sleep!
I highly recommend a visit, whether it’s a full cut, colour, or quick hair do! They will leave you shining and looking hot!

Sophia North Vancouver BC

I am feeling so much gratitude that I have found Erika & Urs at Strands Hair & Skin Treatment. They have a quaint salon in trendy Gastown and they are both so down to earth and talented. I got a flame haircut by Urs and it “Rocks OUT LOUD”… my hair looks amazing with no split ends… I finally found a way to get rid of them as I have very long hair… Last month Erika did a Brazilian Blowout on my hair and the results were just as amazing… please, please try them out… you will never go anywhere else, promise!

Donna Vancouver BC

My hair gets great reviews wherever I go! Thanks Urs and Erika

Alice Vancouver BC

Loved the couple that runs this place. They are very caring and understanding. I can guarantee that you will love your new color, haircut or treatment because they seem to only use the best products available. I recently got a blowout done and it is phenomenal. BTW there are many reviews below that says they “are not currently recommended” yet they all gave 5 stars to this place as well. Sometimes I don’t understand yelp’s reasoning to exclude reviews but they are there

Sandy Port Coquitlam, BC

The best thing about this place are people who work there. Urs and Erika are incredible, so kind and accommodating, and with a great sense of humour:)
I did Brazilian blowout select treatment couple month ago. It made my hair silky and eliminated frizz after second treatment only. Anyhow I really enjoyed service. Thank you for that:)

Gina Vancouver, BC

I have had endless problems with my hair for years. It used to be super thick and healthy, then life happened. I went to this salon two days before a friends’ wedding in dire need of something to be done with my hair! It was long, covered in frizz and split ends, and so thin, i was dying for something to help me. I came to this salon for highlights, even though i knew it’d probably damage my hair more. but i was sick of my hair, the colour, everything. Other hairdressers convinced me this is a good idea. After a last minute cancellation, i found this salon by chance.
I told Urs my story over the phone, but as soon as he saw me in person. After I showed him the colour i wanted, he was brutally honest and actually said he won’t do something like that for me. he knew anything more, even non-ammonia bleach will still make my hair worse because it was too frail for anything.
He had all these tools to like at my hair and the colour shades that work the best and recommened filling in my hair with a darker brown instead. He gave it a nice cut, and the colour is amazing. i don’t feel bad about my hair anymore. it’s thick and soft! he was right, the slightly brown colour looks amazing on me. I’m so excited to go back to him. and my hair at the wedding looked so good. Now I finally feel like I have hope in resetting my hair and getting it healthy again. If it wasn’t for Urs, I don’t know what I would do. All i know is all the places the condoned my highlights ideas are salons i never want to go to again. Urs is more professional than any hair stylist I’ve ever met. In fact, he’s more of a hair artist. he even had a covering for my glasses for when the dye was in my hair. it was so comfortable and a fun environment. I can’t believe how much Urs knew, and that I’ve never encountered a stylist knowing the things he does, taking every precaution, knowing my hair and facia care background. it all matters and is always overlooked by other stylists.
Thank you Urs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vitaliya Vancouver, BC

Urs & Erika have been taking care of my hair for years (even pre Tango, bless him, who has now passed on).  Previously loathed going to hair salons but the atmosphere in the shop is so friendly and not pretentious in the least.  Urs does the only cut I have ever had which is truly wash & wear, does not require gobs of product to control and can go straight from pillow to work without a thought.  You are getting years of training, experience and on going training with both Urs and Erika.  They do not sell products they don’t believe in.   If you ask for an opinion, you will get an honest one.  I don’t even bother looking in the mirror (well, we’re having too much fun talking) as I know Urs will do what is best for my hair, face shape, all the variables.  Trust them both completely, what more can one say?

Urs is the first stylist in 40 odd years that comes through on his promises! I asked for stylish wash and wear hair and he delivered. No more struggling with bed head, run my fingers through it and I’m out the door. And my hair has never been in better condition, wouldn’t dream of using anything but his recommendations again. I’ve been happy to recommend Strands to friends – great staff, great treatment, great products and always a fun experience

Barb Kamloops, BC

Great products, wonderful cuts, fabulous color – the best  my limp, fine hair has looked and felt  in my 58 years!!  It’s been ten years now and I would not even think of switching

Stevi S.Kamloops, BC

I came to Strands after some terrible experiences with other (expensive!) salons – and my hair is grateful! Urs is pure genius; his understanding of colour is nothing short of amazing. Plus he uses no-ammonia, pure colours that are actually good for the hair.  I have hair that looks and feels like a ten-year old, I kid you not, even though I’ve been colouring my hair for over 25 years. A gem of a salon, comfortable atmosphere, nice people.

Susan B.Vancouver, BC